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Employer Branding Conference



Employer Branding Conference




Little Texas, Glen Ballroom.


Teodora Migdalovici, Trainer.

Teo Migdalovici is an international public speaker and trainer, having attended, over the past 18 years, major worldwide events related to the marketing and the communication industry, with remarkable results. She has spoken on emotional intelligence, has trained creative people on their way to win Cannes Lions trophies and has shared her view of the industry’s future on global stages in Cascais, London, Lisbon, Zagreb, Belgrade, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Mauritius, Paris, Sarajevo, Singapore.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: personal branding & brand culture / lobby / creative industries analyst and advocate / emotional intelligence / customer care & customer service

Because of her particular way of perceiving and interpreting information, she is invited as keynote speaker at exclusive business events with focus on brand management, creativity trends, customer essence and emotional intelligence. In this capacity she worked for BAT, DDB, CCC, Coca-Cola, Google, Geometry, The Mauritius Central Bank, McCann Adriatics, MEC, New Moment, P&G Europe or Vodafone.

She is also a brand therapist, an awarded author, a personal branding strategist at MEALCHEMY.COM and the founder of The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, one of the most successful Creative MBAs in Eastern Europe, with two Gold Lions in the portfolio won over the past three years.

Private Diplomacy Award, Brand Leadership Award, Global Super Achiever Award, European Excellence Award and Stevie Award are distinctions associated with her books, research or educational projects.

As Cannes Lions Ambassador in Romania, Teo Migdalovici has been, throughout the past decade, one of the most dedicated supporters for those creatives – both juniors and seniors – motivated to perform in Cannes and a reputed lobbyist for Creative Romania abroad, via Love and Lobby, the private diplomacy platform.

In recognition for her contribution, she was awarded the 2nd place for the Most Passionate Cannes Lions Ambassador by the festival’s organizers in 2013 and the Media Award for “People and Ideas that Change Romania for the Better” by Foreign Policy in 2015.

Main Topics:

– audience, consumer, target or partner?
– people’s interests; value vs. time vs. money vs. ownership;
– how do you launch a magnetic brand: positioning, values, consistency, flexibility;
– employer branding: how to market your company through HR;
– customised topics based on the participants need;
– work-shop;
– q&a;

How much?

90 Eur.: conference & coffee breaks.

Available places:



Ciprian Ionescu, 0752 325 990,


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